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Gore Vidal makes a good point…… August 20, 2007

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Any American who is prepared to run for president should automatically, by definition, be disqualified from ever doing so.
– Gore Vidal


YouTube/CNN Democratic Debate July 24, 2007

The highly anticipated CNN/YouTube debate has finally graced us with its excellence. It worked. Brilliantly. The people who sent in questions displayed creativity, originality, and a political awareness many have claimed we’ve lost as a country. The candidates on the other hand, were nowhere near as diverse and original, and even bordered on lackluster. Trying to get Hilary Clinton to directly answer a question was as difficult as it was to avoid starring at her jacket (strategic, of course). Not to mention her YouTube-style campaign video, which frankly was so bland it left me devoid of all hope that she has potential to approach the presidency with the unique touch necessary to bring us out of the hole “Junior” dug. When questions arise asking if Barack Obama is “black enough” or if Hilary Clinton is “woman enough”, I ask in return, “Are any of the other candidates black or female?” No. Shouldn’t we ask if the other candidates are black or woman enough to handle the issues either category faces? Speaking of inane questions, if Joe Biden is so concerned with silly questions, why hasn’t he pointed out how ridiculous it to discriminate against someone in a minority for not being different enough? I mean really, isn’t pointing out that questions are useless just a way to use up time so you can give less real content in your answer? Joe Biden felt the need to put down two comedic gentlemen from Tennessee who innocently asked if the candidates’ feelings were hurt by the amount of focus put on Al Gore running for President. Senator Biden nastily pointed out that he felt the people of Tennessee should feel hurt by their humorous video. Why Senator Biden felt the need to act the prissiest girl in school is beyond me.


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Chris Matthews’ Unbelievable Comment on Hardball July 10, 2007

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On July 9th, Chris Matthews made the shocking statement that he doesn’t see what the Bush administration has done as illegal. Pardon me, but WHAT?!?! This war is so blatantly illegal, you might hurt your eyes if you look at the blindingly unashamed facts. Look at the U.N. Charter and you’ll see it all right there. Tisk tisk. Where, oh where have the real journalists gone?

Hardball transcript for July 9th:

U.N. Charter: